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Our world is changing at an astonishing speed. Never has it been more important for businesses to adopt agile strategic thinking to adapt and survive the challenges ahead.

All is Well is a consultancy that provides creative and strategic thinking to all manner of businesses: SMEs, social enterprise, non-profits, start-ups, agencies or larger organisations alike.

All is Well

“The forces of strategic change are so vast and relentless today that new directions are inevitable. Our choice is to guide creative destruction or submit to the alternative – chaos”

Professor Bill Halal



I offer a variety of consultancy services, support and advice based on my expertise, experience and skills. I’ve worked in a wide variety of sectors including both B2B and B2C, in automotive, aerospace plus many others.

Primarily I work in marketing and communications providing digital and brand strategy for audience and market development purposes, although my experience isn’t limited to these areas.

To give you an idea; I’ve previously been bought into launch platforms, sites and products, often from the point of concept or before. I’ve helped businesses grow revenue and operations by building business models or teams.

For new market entrants, I’ve developed market and product strategies as well as working with start-ups to help them realize and release their potential, often advising them on ‘go to market’ strategies.

I’ve worked for large global clients such as Ford, American Airlines and Samsung as well as those with more moderate budgets and scope. I’ve been fortunate to have been involved with industry firsts and received accolade for my efforts.

I’m a self starter and happily work under my own steam, remotely, in house or in collaboration and partnership with others. I regularly consult with PR and creative agencies as well providing marketing and strategic advice to private clients.

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A little bit.....

about me

Hi there,

I’m Charlotte Childs, All is Well is my company, thanks for stopping by.

I’m an independent business consultant, a seasoned creative visual thinker and marketing strategist with an enquiring mind.

All is Well Charlotte ChildsI’m best described as a problem solver, that’s what really makes me tick. I’m the sort of person who is happy unraveling a knot,. I often go into businesses when they have an issue to solve. They may be looking to grow or diversify, they may have a promotional need, a product to develop, a message to deliver or even just a need to create momentum to get things moving. I always believe, if dealt with in a pragmatic manner, these are challenges to be relished, they all help to fuel the imagination required for innovative solutions.

I started my career client side at Unilever before I made the move into creative agencies, working both in the UK and Australia. I have always been involved in innovation and worked on the digital side of things since the early mid 2000s, often going into emerging tech fields as they develop.

I began All is Well in 2011, and since then I’ve consulted and contracted with a number of companies as well developing my own projects and collaborating with others on theirs. You can find out more about my history via my Linked In Profile.

As a dyslexic Reiki Master with a fine art background, I tend to be told I think differently and that’s probably fair. For me, everything is connected and everything has a connection, this means I seek commonalities and patterns to make sense of the world. This understanding is underpinned with intuition and curiosity which allows me to understand complex concepts in simple terms. You know those people who draw when they explain? I’m one of those.

Thinking visually and utilising design in my thinking helps me to develop agile strategies that are flexible and able to adapt, survive and thrive in today’s fast moving markets. I believe in simple solutions and that (in order to create sustainable platforms for growth) a ‘human’ element needs to be central to any successful solution.

I’d love to find out more about why you’re here and how I might be able to help you. Please get in touch and if I think I can help, we can arrange a free 30 min telephone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.


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